Rewire with Susan

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March 02, 2021 Susan Adelokiki Season 2 Episode 13
Rewire with Susan
Frequently Asked Questions
Show Notes

0:22 - Welcome to the Penultimate episode!

1:03 - Question 1:  What times do I reach out to ask for help or struggle with a problem on my own?

03:31 - Question 2: How do I remain relevant in the tech space?

4:51 - Question 3: How do I deal with a difficult co-worker in my team?

6:02 - Question 4: What are some of the mistakes I might be making as a newbie in tech?

  • Jumping right into a task without properly clarifying requirements, or thinking about maintainability, scalability, or performance.
  • Always waiting to be told what to do
  • Communication
  • Compromising on your health because of work
  • Being emotionally attached to your code

Dealing with burnout

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