Rewire with Susan

Progressive web apps

August 10, 2021 Susan Adelokiki Season 3 Episode 6
Rewire with Susan
Progressive web apps
Show Notes

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0:24 - How is your August going?
1:54 - How did Progressive web apps come about?
4:14 - PWAs give us the best of both worlds - Web applications and native apps
4:55 - Benefits of PWAs

  • Could save you the need to build a native app
  • Reliability
  • Installability
  • Always have the most updated version
  • Push notifications

6:33 - Companies that have introduced PWAs
8:30 - Criteria for a web application to be a PWA

  • Secure context
  • Service workers
  • Manifest file

11:00 - Drawbacks of PWAs

  • Browser support
  • Battery life
  • They can't do everything native apps can do

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